India at a Glance
General Facts
Land Area : 3.29 million square kilometers
Capital : New Delhi
Government : Democratic, Parliamentary

Political System : The 1950 Constitution provides
for a parliamentary system of Government with
a bicameral parliament and three branches : the
executive, legislative, and judiciary. Federal structure with elected Governments in States and
in Union Territories

Population : 1,027 million (2001)
Population Growth Rate : 2.14 percent
Population Density : 324 persons/km2
Life Expectancy : 62 years, male;64years, femal
Literacy Rate : 65.38 percent

Languages Spoken : India is a multilingual society with 18 principal languages. Hindi isthe languae of a large percentage of people (38 percent),while English is the preferred business language

Major Religion : Majority are Hindus, though a significant number are Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, etc.
International Airports : New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata Thiruvananthapura, Kochi, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Major Ports of Entry
: Calcutta, Chennai, Kanala, Kochi, Mormugao, Mumbai, New Mangalore, Paradip, Tuticorin and Vishakapatnam

Climate : Mainly tropical with temperatures ranging from 10 - 40 C in most parts of the country

Principal Markets for Import
: USA, UK, Japan, Germany in the OECD, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in the OPEC, and Brazil, Chile,

Time Zone : GMT +51/2 hours
Currency Unit : Indian Rupee

Economic Profile
GDP at current prices : Rs 19895 billion

Average Real GDP Growth : 5.2 percent

Inflation Rate measured by WPI : 5.2 percent (1999-2000)

Exchange Rate : Rs 45.51/USS
(April-january, 2001)

Exports : US$ 44.1 billion (2000-2001)
Principal Exports : Traditional exports include cotton yarn and textiles, ready-made garments, leather goods, gems and jewellery and agricultural products. Howevers, cashewnuts, transport equipment, software, electronic goods and manufactured metals constitute the mostrapidly growing export segments

Principal Markets for Export
: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan and Belgium in the OECD, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in the OPEC, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in the Latin American region and China, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka in the Asian region

Imports : US$ 49.8 billion (2000-2001)
Principal Imports : Capital goods, petroleum,oil and lubricants, precious and semi-precious stones, chemials, edible oils and fertilizers
Ehype, Ghana, South Africa from the Latin American and African regions, China, Hongkong, Malaysia and Thailand in the Asian region